Graphical Methods

Who We Are

We are a data consulting firm based in Denver, Colorado focusing on supporting your data(base)d ideas.

Our background is in data science, analytics, and engineering. We deliver on building predictive models and engineering full stack warehouses. We'll coach and deliver our experience about what does and doesn't work -- what scales, what team structures perform, the roles to hire, and what tools to use. Most of all we provide honest feedback enabling you to further your business.

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Our Services

Machine Learning and AI

We're able to cut through the hype for you. We have immense experience in collecting and analyzing data along with building ML/AI models. We've built scorecard models for predicting customer attrition and driver risk. And as far back as 2017, estimating reservoir overflow from Hurricane Harvey, we've been using data to predict and enable better decisions.

ML and DevOps

Even if your ML model can fit in a spreadsheet we'll help you find a sustainable method to track your ml_model_v1.xlsx. More seriously, we are huge proponents of managing your business operations and infrastructure using code as the lingua franca.

Data Engineering

We're plumbers for your data warehouse or data lakehouse. We build scalable data warehouses and integrations or can recommend several out of the box solutions.