Graphical Methods

We keep things simple! From the design of the website to the solutions we present and build we aim to reduce complexity.

Our background is in data science and analytics. As the initial members of several teams we have gained an immense amount of experience about what does and doesn't work -- what scales, what team structures perform, the roles to hire, and what tools to use. We also believe that data is only useful if the person using it, the user, understands it. We take great care to make sure the end result, whether it's a dashboard or machine learning model, is interpretable and understandable. Often this might involve shadowing or personal interviews with the user to ensure all needs are met. We never want to see useless KPIs on a dashboard.

We also know what methods to apply, why, and when. We go for the methods and tools that are tried and true. All in the principle of keeping it simple. We work to ensure the solution fits you. Whether this involves Docker, the cloud, or a simple Jupyter notebook we focus on deliverability. In our experience, boring works.